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Welcome address by Medical Director KPJ Pasir Gudang Specialist Hospital

Dear All,

On behalf of KPJPasirGudang Specialist Hospital, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for this success journey as one of the private healthcare provider in this southern region. As in every new business ventures, there are bound to be hiccups and delays. I am happy to say that we have overcome most of the hurdles and finally we managed to commission our hospital successfully. We, The Management of KPJPasirGudang Specialist Hospital have put in a lot of hard work and effort to ensure you a first class secondary level of hospital facility and services. I am sure with our vast experience, we will be able to provide excellent service to the PasirGudang area population.

KPJPasirGudang Specialist Hospital is a private healthcare centre located in the rapidly growing industrial area in PasirGudang. KPJPasirGudang Specialist Hospital became the 23rd group of experts under the auspices of the private health care interests of KPJ Healthcare Berhad whose ability to continue to grow its medical expertise to more than 900 experts and supported more than 10,000 workers from the nurses, paramedics and administration.

At this stage, KPJPasirGudang Specialist Hospital has 61 beds with the latest diagnostic equipment such as the MRI system is open and will reach the capacity of 136 beds in the near future. It also features four operation theatres, Intensive Care Units (ICU), Delivery Room, Physiotherapy, Diagnostic Imaging, Accident and Emergency and Outpatient Services. Since the hospital started operating, the number of patients seeking treatment in KPJPasirGudang Specialist Hospital has gonebeyond 9000 patients.

KPJPasirGudang Specialist Hospital has also earned 5S certification from the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) in order to transform culture toward a more systematic management. In addition, KPJPasirGudang Specialist Hospital is in pursuit for certification of 'Integrated Management System' (IMS) which includes the Quality Management System (ISO9001), EnvironmentalSystem (ISO14001) and Safety & Health (OHSAS18001) to ensure customer satisfaction by the end of this year.

For your information, KPJPasirGudang Specialist Hospital is the first hospital in Malaysia to use the 'Cloud Computing' system. The specialty of this system is that doctors and hospital employees can access the hospital information system anytime and anywhere. Through this system, consultants and employees can easily and quickly perform all the tasks without delay.

We assure that KPJPasirGudang Specialist Hospitalwill make every effort to provide the condusive environment and be able to meet the local and international demand for healthcare needs.

We are looking forward to serve you better.

Mr Dr. Ab. RazakSamsudin
Medical Director of PasirGudang Specialist Hospital

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