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Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty (LHP) 激光痔疮成形术

November 19, 2018

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Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty (LHP) 激光痔疮成形术 / Pembedahan Buasir Secara Laser

Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty (LHP) is an approach used for treatment of advanced haemorrhoids under local, general or spinal anesthesia. The energy of the laser is inserted centrally into the hemorrhoidal node.

There is a direct (30%) and successive shrinkage of the piles (6 weeks to final result).

The controlled laser energy deposition obliterates the nodes from the inside and preserves the mucosa and sphincter structure. The homogenous laser emission from the LHP fiber results in:

  1. Closure of the arteries entering the haemorrhoidal cushion
  2. Tissue reduction in the haemorrhoidal node
  3. Maximum preservation of muscle, anal lining and mucosa
  4. Restoration of the natural anatomical structure

The controlled emission of laser energy which applied submucosally, causes the hemorrhoidal mass to shrink. In addition fibrotic reconstruction generates new connective tissue, which ensures that the mucosa adheres to the underlying tissue. This prevents occurrence or reoccurrence of a prolapsed. No foreign materials (clamps) need to be inserted and unlike other procedures, LHP is not associated with any risk of stenosis.

Healing is excellent because, unlike conventional surgeries there are no incisions on stitches.

Access into the hemorrhoid is achieved by entering through a small perianal port. By this approach no wounds are generated in the area of the anoderm or mucosa. As a result the patient experience less post-operative pain and can return to normal activities within a short space of time.

Why Go For Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery?

  1. The process is not too painful for the sufferer
  2. Almost in all the cases hospitalization is not required for laser hemorrhoid surgery; the patient can be discharged the same day.
  3. The process does not involve any steam or smoke so there is no sparking, making it safer too.
  4. Using laser ensures that the bleeding during surgery is minimal. in fact the blood vessels are sealed by the laser.
  5. The tissues around the hemorrhoid are also not damaged. This ensures that there is no tissue death, which when happens can lead to further complications. Thus laser hemorrhoid surgery can actually avoid other medical complications.
  6. Using a wide beam laser, a large swathe tissue can be killed, and a narrow band can be used for cutting. Thus the options are many.
  7. Laser hemorrhoid surgery eases the work of the doctor who is operating.
  8. Laser hemorrhoid surgery also usually leads to the wound healing faster. 

 Disadvantages Of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

  1.  The laser equipment that is used in the surgery is quite costly and so this line of treatment may not be available in most places.
  2. The doctors and those in the surgical team need to wear special goggles for protection.
  3. Laser surgeries have sometimes been known to cause fire.
  4. If there is bleeding during the surgery, the ways of preventing such bleeding can be costlier than other means.


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